Be creative and let your imagination flow

Brainstorm and write it down, it just may be the simple solution

Quality is not a thing of the past

Time is money

Strategy and innovation for forward thinkers

End users and consumers input are invaluable

Let us help you brand yourself, or perhaps a reimage may be necessary!

Design thinking

Startups Consultations - Affordable Flat Fee! Minimize costly mistakes most startups make.

Emergency Preparedness & Continuity of Business Operations Plans - Limit liability in the event of a disaster!

Welcome to DMR Consultants

DMR Consultants provides business consulting, management consulting and project management services for our core service lines: strategic planning, human capital reorganization, process improvement, emergency preparedness, process improvement and organizational change management.

Our approach is simple, think big, think deep and think in time! Quality is not a thing of the past and consumers are demanding it again. Ask yourself, what really drives consumer decision making to purchase a particular product or service? Its simple for us, we listen, capture and analyze, measure, qualify, project-out and design strategically.

Important: Hmm, does your company have a Disaster Emergency Preparedness Plan in place in the event of a disaster and/or emergency? Who and how will your employees be contacted in the event the office location is not accessible? Will they get paid, will benefits continue, should operations continue at an alternate work site? How and when do you notify your customers that your operations have been affected? See there will be lots of questions and the truth is...

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Do you have a strategy to at least break even when the unknowns occur?

Never thought I could make a project fail proof


Our Industries

DMR primary service industries includes those in which we are confident that we will help them achieve measurable results. We simply analyze markets and observe social trends. We keep up with or ahead of emerging trends for our clients end users potential future expectations.

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Human Resources
Real Estate
Law Firms
Media and Entertainment